Implement class Book with data members like book id (integer), book name(char array), author name(char array) and price (integer). Write necessary functions inside this class.

  1. Accept information of books from user and push it onto the stack of books.
  2. Pop all books from stack and copy them into array of book objects. Display array onto
    the output.
  3. Print books with highest and lowest price into the output.

Implement menu driven β€œmain” function to call above functionalities


  1. This is a list of requirements, and the system needs to be designed to include solutions for each point mentioned above.
  2. You must create a solution based on Data Structure using C++. Grading and evaluation will be based on correct implementation of concepts.
  3. The solution prepared must be a multi-file C++ program. It should contain comments for every major block of code and functionality created.
  4. Upload solutions as zipped format of files which will contain-
    1. All source code files (source files or header files) prepared.
    2. At least 3 screenshots of code executing on your system.
    3. A text file that should include all commands used by you to compile or run the code
      on your system. This will be the same command used to compile code for evaluation as
  5. Any format of file other than .cpp, or .h should not be used for the source code. A word document, PDF or any other format for code submission may lead to your submission being tagged as “Invalid”
  6. The submission will be considered as valid only if the source code compiles on a linux environment (same as that used for training).