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What is Visual Basic.NET?

Visual Basic was created by Microsoft to help programmers create GUI applications. It was created from BASIC, and thus, shares the readability of BASIC. (BASIC = Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)

VB.NET is a great programming language with similar capabilities to C#. It can do many of the things that C# is capable of. For example, they both target the .NET framework and are object-oriented languages. Also, once you know VB.NET, it is easy to transition to C#, because their syntaxes are alternative ways to represent the same concepts. That is why code examples in C# are easily convertible to VB code examples.

Even though programmers can use Visual Basic to create console applications, the most common usage of the language is in creating desktop GUI and web applications. Programming GUI applications involves creating the user interface using drag and drop tools, setting the properties of the User Interface controls, and writing event-handling code that responds to events from the User Interface.

Features of Visual Basic.NET

Visual Basic.NET is an object-oriented language. It supports Object-Oriented Concepts, such as abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. Everything in VB.NET is an object, even the User Interface elements.

We can use Visual Basic to create desktop and web applications, windows and web services, complete with GUIs and Database access.

We can use Visual Basic for Rapid Application Development: We do not need to recreate software components from scratch. With access to a vast library of reusable classes, we can easily and quickly put together an application.

Why do students need Visual Basic homework help?

In spite of the ease of use that comes with the Visual Basic language, students still have challenges writing programs in this language. Listed below are some of them:

Students might know control structures individually and could understand how to read simple code. However, they run into problems when asked to change specifications into code. They run into the problem of how to put the loops and if statements together to make a program that meets the specifications.

They might feel difficult to know how to construct conditional expressions, made up of relational and logical operations, due to poor mathematical knowledge. Not constructing the conditional expressions properly leads to bugs.

A student might understand how to use the Visual Basic language, but when faced with an assignment, lack the problem-solving skills needed to implement the logic of the code, and how to put their knowledge of VB concepts together to create a running code.

Sometimes, because of some pressures of life, a student might have missed a lecture. Then, he/she if faced with an assignment, and a tight deadline that does not give time to understand concepts. These situations might lead to the student just looking for a solution, instead of understanding the concepts and how they are applied.

For these reasons and others, students need professional, expert assistance in order to successfully complete their Visual Basic homework.

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