You are going to create a program to assist Hendrix Food Truck tally the total bill for customers in their fast checkout (only ordering 1 food plate).  Below is their menu and prices.  Food is ordered by number:

#1 Food Plate #1(wings) $18
#2 Food Plate #2 (chicken strips) 12
#3 Food Plate #3 (fish basket) 12
#4 Food Plate #4 (shrimp po boy) 15
#5 Food Plate #5 (pork chop basket) 12

Write a program to ask customers to enter their first name and the menu item # they wish to purchase. Your program should define a function to assign the price to the food item based on what the customer wishes to purchase. Call the function in your program to determine the cost of the food plate. You can assume for this program that the above menu items are all that the food truck has to offer and customers will only purchase one food plate. Then ask the customer if they would like to add a tip and if so how much. Add tax of 9% to the cost of the food item, add in the tip amount and display their total bill. Do not include the tip when you calculate tax. The tip is extra after tax is charged on the food. Be sure to display a $ when displaying the total bill and display the dollar amount with 2 decimal positions.

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Extra details to follow:

  • Be sure to add comments to your program to explain your code.
  • Insert blank lines for readability.
  • Code a function to determine the price of the food plate.
  • Be sure the program executes in a continual running mode until a name of end is entered.
  • Add to your program the time function as necessary so the customer has time to see the total bill.
  • Save your program as Foodxxxxx where xxxxx is your last name.
  • Submit your program to D2L under Food Truck program assignment.

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