Problem 1: The Vending Bank

Design a class which models the coin-operated β€œbank” part of a Vending machine which sells snacks. You do not need to implement this class. You only need express the design using a simple UML diagram. Include the diagram in a file (.doc, .docx, or .pdf) in your .zip submission that you turn into Canvas. Here is a start of VendingBank UML diagram with one function already defined.

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Problem 2: TimeSpan

Design and implement a TimeSpan class which represents a duration of time in seconds, minutes and hours. The order seconds, minutes, and hours should be respected in the constructor.

As an example

duration = TimeSpan(3, 2, 1);

is a duration of time of 1 hour, 2 minutes and 3 seconds.

You should store the values as integers in a normalized way but they may be passed in as floats. The stored number of seconds should be between -60 and 60; the stored number of minutes should be between -60 and 60. However, durations can be created with input arguments outside these ranges and you should normalize these. You do not need to worry about integer overflow for very big TimeSpans.

As another example

duration = TimeSpan(90, 2, 1);

is stored as a duration of time of 1 hour, 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Accessor functions required

The TimeSpan class should implement the following getters/setters:

def getHours(): return the number of hours as an int
def getMinutes(): return the number of minutes as an int
def getSeconds(): return the number of Seconds as an int
def setTime(seconds, minutes, hours): set the number of hours, minutes, seconds


The class should define the constructor so that it can receive both floats and ints. However, the class stores the data as integers so rounding is required.

TimeSpan(-10, 4, 1.5) represents 1 hour, 33 minutes, 50 seconds.

If only one parameter is passed during initialization assume it is a second. If there are two assume seconds and minutes (in that order).

TimeSpan(3, 67) represents 1 hour, 7 minutes, 3 seconds.


The class must overload and implement the following math operators: addition, subtraction, and Unary Negation. The class must make sure that += and -= assignment statements as well.

The class must overload and implement the full set of equivalence and comparator operations. For instance, ==, <, <=, etc.


The class must print out a useful representation of itself when passed to the print function.

For formatting use the following:

duration = TimeSpan(1,2,3)

Should output:

Hours: 3, Minutes: 2, Seconds: 1

Please use this EXACT format.

The following is some example code which you may use to make sure that your class is working. Note that the tests below are not comprehensive and you should fully test your TimeSpan class.

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from time340 import TimeSpan
dur1 = TimeSpan(3.1, 7)
dur2 = TimeSpan(74, -5, 8)
print(dur1 + dur2)
dur2 += dur1
dur3 = -dur2
dur4 = TimeSpan(6,7,8)
dur5 = TimeSpan()
dur5.setTime(6, 5, 8)
print("dur4: " + str(dur4))
print("dur5: " + str(dur5))
if dur4 >= dur5:
 print("dur4 is >= than dur5")
 print("dur4 is not >= than dur5")
dur6 = TimeSpan(9, 78, -7)
dur6 = -dur6