Hi Guys, do you need Android project ideas or Android App ideas? Are you a final year student or a mobile app developer who is looking for android app ideas?


The Android platform is huge, and its ecosystem has grown exponentially over the past few years. From mobile phones to tablets, smart TV and watches.  Android apps are everywhere.

As android has expanded it has proportionally created tons of app opportunities in the market for companies, developers, and students.

Let’s explore some Android app projects and ideas that you can create and push to the play store.

Android Mini Project Ideas

Are you a beginner and want to get hands-on practice?  Then doing a few Android mini projects can be a good kickstarter for your android app development journey. Here are some simple Android project ideas for students and developers.

These android mini-project does not require a backend or a server. The app data can be stored locally on mobile devices.

1. Simple Quiz App

Research a bunch of Questions and Answers related to a niche. Break down the work into small modules. This will make your work easy. Start with the first two questions and make a minimal UI with components like-

  • Next, Back and the Submit button.
  • Make a group of radio buttons for selecting a single answer.
  • Make another group of checkboxes for selecting multiple answers.
  • Finally, store the selected answer and validate it with the correct answer.
  • Display the result or score at the end.
  • At last, provide a reset option to the user.
  • Test the app, and add additional questions to your Quiz App.

We have only shared a high-level overview. Feel free to implement your own idea to the app.

2. GPA Calculator App

GPA calculator is a utility app. If you are in university and want to improve your android programming skills then try building a GPA app.

Start with the semester module such that each semester contains various subjects and grades.

  • Create Semester
  • Each semester will have different subjects with grades
  • Depending on the subject grades calculate GPA
  • Finally, Take an average of every semester’s GPA to show the current GPA.

3. BMI Calculator App

BMI app is another android project idea that you can develop as a beginner. The app is under health and fitness and is of great use.

It is much simple than any other android project, simply contains input fields for various parameters, such as-

  • Input for height and weight
  • Calculate button
  • BMI result and suggestion.

You can enhance the application by introducing unit conversions.

4. Tic Tac Toe Game App

We all have played the Tic Tac Toe game, so why not build one as your next android project? Simple games can be complex, take it up as a challenge and try building a tic tac toe android game.

  • Start with the board
  • Prompt player turn
  • Show Cross  and Zero
  • Build logic to decide which player wins
  • Show the results.

5. Rock Paper Scissor Game

If not tic tac toe then you can opt for making a rock paper scissor game as your next android project. It can be fun to play-

  • Start with a random display of rock, paper or scissors
  • For each player’s turn, the random selection is called.
  • Make win and lose conditions for the pair.
  • Display the score.
  • After a few rounds decide who wins the game.

6. Calculus Calculator App

Up for more challenges? Simple calculators are already flooded in-app stores.

So why not build your own calculus calculator?

Based on what you have learned in Maths, You can create a calculus app to do important calculations.

  • Implementation of various calculus formulas can be tough.
  • Try showing graphs and visual representations for each calculation.
  • Making tough things easier is what very programmers and developers do.

7. Music Player App

One of the main android project ideas includes building a music player app. As we are not using any server for these android mini-projects.

Therefore, the app needs to play music stored on your local phone device memory. Here are a few advantages –

  • OOP’s concepts need to be extensively used.
  • Get an idea of file reading in android
  • Use of sorting features or filters based on genres and artists.
  • Finally, Get an experience and sense of how a real music player app is built which is used by millions of people.

Additional Android Mini Project Ideas for Productivity

8. Todo App

Keeping track of your daily work is a pain. Build your Todo android app project.

Simple yet powerful, the todo app can be a great learning experience if you are a beginner.

9. Reminder App

Have a habit of forgetting things, the Reminder app can be helpful.

Get a reminder on your device as per the time set as a reminder.

10. Stopwatch App

In sports, measurement and different activities stopwatches are of great utility. Make use of the timer on your android device.

Built an awesome stopwatch with great UI.

Introduce features like laps and resets.

Android Final Year Project Ideas for Computer Science

Are you a final-year computer science student and looking for some awesome Android project ideas? Here are a few of them. This app requires databases like firebase and other 3rd party services and usage of native Android APIs. Let’s explore some final year project ideas –

11. Bill Splitter

Hanging out with friends is fun. It is hard when comes to remember the transaction. Use the power of Android to make an app that can maintain and split bills correctly.

12. Group Finder

Simple and easy concept, a social media app that can match your hobby and suggest groups to join. This can help you grow your social life and improve your living in a better way.

13. Vpn App

Poxy and Virtual private apps give security and privacy.

14. Stay Fit App

16. Event Organiser app

17. Photo Editing App

18. Home Automation

19. File sharing App

20. Messaging app

New & Latest Android Project Ideas

Digitalisation has revolutionized the globe. And Android seems to deepen its roots in this everchanging world. We have listed some latest Android project Ideas that you can build in modern times. These are some advanced android projects that may or may not include some extra hardware.

1. Crypto Wallet

Blockchain has spiked and companies like PayPal has started introducing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in blockchain and serious about android app development then, building your own crypto wallet can be a super idea. Saving crypto tokens in your digital wallet.

Here are a few learning outcomes-

  • Get strong in encryption and cryptography
  • Learn about blockchain
  • Its global influence on everyday life
  • Security and privacy

2. VR & AR Android Project

This tech seems to come from sci-fi movies. AR and VR have a huge usage in medical, construction, engineering and other fields. Companies like Microsoft and Google are working on future technologies like these.

Think about solving some real-life problems using VR and AR and you can get started.

  • Tech of the future
  • Contribute to research
  • Gain experience for a better portfolio

3. Smart Irrigation using IoT

With the increase in population and greenhouse effect, we need to think of a sustainable way to cultivate and irrigate.

Therefore, you might have heard of dip farming, hydrophobic and vertical farming. These are a few modern ways to do irrigation and use less water.

The Internet of things is one of the technologies of the future and requires some advanced hardware to monitor and collect data. For example,  sensors, drones, LEDs of certain types, etc.

Here are a few outcomes from these projects

  • Optimisation of resource
  • Data collection and monitoring
  • Using the data to make smart decisions.
  • Better insect and pest control.
  • Sustainable development and profit-making

Hence, building an android app from where you can manage the whole farm is of great advantage. Reduces crop failures and increases production with full utilization.

4. ML & AI  Android Apps

ML and AI are undeniably proven their importance. Tesla is using it for achieving autonomy whereas, Microsoft is using Open AI to make work easier for developers by introducing Github Co-Pilot.

On the other hand, Google has used an android app that detects the early signs of diabetic retinopathy from an eye scan with more than 90% accuracy.

Harnessing the power of AI and ML  can make a dum person speak, or detect diabetics.

Other projects such as google lens are capable of detecting various plant species, flowers and objects.

Why not build an app using ML and AI as your next modern tech?

Here are a few outcomes-

  • Get an insight into neural networks and neural engines
  • Get introduced to some open-source AI projects such as Open AI.
  • Learn Image processing


We hope you like our listed Android project ideas. This article includes android app ideas for beginners, students and advanced developers who want to build android projects.

For every android app idea, we have only shared a high-level overview. You can dive deep and explore more, or even introduce your own features. The idea is only limited by imagination, go ahead and try to get your hands dirty.

Don’t worry, It may take you weeks, or months to implement some of these projects. If you are a student then, You can hire an android expert from Letstacle to help you. Android Help, is one of the services that we provide to students apart from programming help.

Let us know if you liked the idea and picked any of the listed Android projects. Also, you can contribute to this article by suggesting your own ideas.

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