In this JavaScript tutorial, we will learn how to remove object from array javascript and remove duplicate object from array javascript.

There are several reasons why we may need to remove objects from array JavaScript. One common reason is to filter out duplicate objects and only keep unique values.

Another reason could be to remove objects that no longer meet certain criteria or conditions, such as objects that have expired or become irrelevant.

Additionally, removing objects from an array can help optimize performance and reduce memory usage, especially when dealing with large datasets.

Javascript remove an object from Array

To remove an object from an array in JavaScript, we can use the splice method. This method allows us to remove elements from an array by specifying the start index and the number of elements to remove.

Here is an example of how to use the splice method to remove an object from an array:

const animals = [
{ name: 'cat', color: 'black' }, 
{ name: 'dog', color: 'brown' }, 
{ name: 'bird', color: 'yellow' }];

// Remove the second object (index 1) from the array
animals.splice(1, 1);

console.log(animals); // [{ name: 'cat', color: 'black' }, { name: 'bird', color: 'yellow' }]

In this example, the splice method is called on the animals array with the arguments 1 and 1, which removes the object at index 1 (the second object) from the array.

The resulting array contains the first and third objects, with the second object removed.

Note that the splice method modifies the original array.

If you want to remove an object from an array without modifying the original array, you can use the filter method instead.

For example:

const animals = [
{ name: 'cat', color: 'black' }, 
{ name: 'dog', color: 'brown' }, 
{ name: 'bird', color: 'yellow' }];

// Create a new array with the second object (index 1) removed
const newAnimals = animals.filter((animal, index) => index !== 1);

console.log(newAnimals); // [{ name: 'cat', color: 'black' }, { name: 'bird', color: 'yellow' }]

This code uses the filter method to create a new array that contains only the elements that pass the test implemented by the callback function (in this case, elements with an index different from 1). The resulting array contains the same elements as the original array, but with the second object.

Javascript remove duplicate objects from array

To remove duplicate object from array javascript, we can use a combination of the filter() and indexOf() methods.

Here’s an example to javascript remove duplicates from array of objects:

const originalArray = [
{ id: 1, name: "John" }, 
{ id: 2, name: "Jane" },
{ id: 1, name: "John" }];

const uniqueArray = originalArray.filter((obj, index, self) => {
  return index === self.findIndex((t) => ( === && ===

console.log(uniqueArray); // [{ id: 1, name: "John" }, { id: 2, name: "Jane" }]

In this example, we use the filter() method to iterate through each element in the originalArray.

For each element, we use the self.findIndex() method to find the first index of an element that has the same id and name as the current element.

If the current element’s index is equal to this first index, then it is not a duplicate, and we include it in the uniqueArray. This is how we Jremove duplicates from array of objects javascript.