Tutoring Syllabus

Getting Started with Python

  • Introducing Python
  • Installing Python on Windows/Linux and other Operating Systems
  • Introducing Python IDLE
  • Programming in Interactive Mode
  • Programming in Scripting Mode
  • Introducing Jupyter Notebook
  • Introducing PyCharm IDE

Types, Variables and Input/Output

  • Integer, Float and String Type
  • Introducing id() and help()
  • Using Mathematical Operators with Numbers
  • Division Types: true division and floor division
  • Character Encoding: ascii, ansi and utf
  • Getting User Input with input()

Flow Control in Python

  • The if Statement
  • The else Clause
  • Using elif Clause
  • Ternary Operator in Python
  • The while Statement
  • Using For loop
  • Using Logical Operators
  • Planning Your Program with Pseudocode and Flow Chart


  • Using quotes and escape character
  • Slicing and Indexing
  • Concatenation and Repeater Operators
  • String Equality
  • Byte String
  • Encoding and Decoding
  • String Iteration using for loop
  • Using ‘in’ operator with String
  • Using String Methods: join(), split(), format() and other common methods like upper(), find() etc.


  • List Creation
  • Slicing and Indexing
  • List Concatenation Using ‘+’ operator, append() and extend()
  • List Iteration using for loop
  • Using ‘in’ operator with List
  • List Copy: Shallow and Deep Copy
  • Deleting List Element using ‘del’ operator and remove()
  • Using List Methods: pop(), index(), count(), reverse(), sort()


  • Tuple Creation
  • Slicing and Indexing
  • Tuple Unpacking
  • Tuple Iteration using for loop
  • Using ‘in’ operator with Tuple
  • Using Tuple Methods: count() and index()


  • Dictionary Creation
  • Accessing Dictionary values
  • Adding, Replacing and Deleting key-value pairs
  • Using ‘in’ operator with Dictinary
  • Dictionary Methods: get(), update(), items(), keys(), values() etc.
  • Creating an Ordered Dictionary using OrderedDict

Sets and Frozen Sets

  • Set Creation
  • Set Iteration using for loop
  • Using ‘in’ operator with sets
  • Adding and Removing Set Element
  • Set Methods: add(), copy(), pop(), union(), intersection() etc.

Commonly used Built In Functions

  • Len()
  • Range()
  • Enumerate()
  • Max() and min()
  • Sum()
  • All(), any()
  • Ord()
  • Zip()

Functions in Python

  • Defining Functions
  • Using Parameters and Return Values
  • Using Arguments and Defaults Parameters
  • Recursive Functions
  • Usage of ‘*’ and ‘**’ in function calls
  • Namespaces
  • Variable Scopes