Teachers in most school districts are paid in a way that provides a salary based on their number of years of teaching experience. For example, a beginning teacher in the Lexington School District could receive $ 30,000 the first year.

For each year of experience after this first year, up to 10 years, the teacher receives a 2% increase over the previous value. Write a schedule that displays a salary calendar, in tabular format, for teachers in a school district. The inputs are the starting salary, percentage increase, and the number of years on the schedule. Each row of the schedule must contain the number of years of experience and the salary corresponding to that experience.

Note Deliver at least two files, as indicated in Week 1

Indications from week1:

Note (for this and all of the following coding assignments): You have to turn in two or more files:

1) A document prepared with MS Word will be delivered that includes:
a) An introduction that explains the objective of the program.
b) The code duly commented
c) The program output with at least three test data sets.
d) References
2) The file with the source code of the program, in text format .py
3) Any other file required as input to test the program or with the output of the program