This article will give you a brief overview of “How to learn C++?”. Learning C++ coding can be a challenging but rewarding experience.  Developers love C++ for its portability, which allows programs to function across several operating systems and platforms. In addition to being a high-level language, it has close ties to machine language, and it can be used for low-level manipulation.

How to learn C++ coding?

Large-scale applications can be created using C++, an object-oriented programming language. Over the course of the evolution of the C language family, C++ emerged as a superset of the C language. The developers created a cross-platform development of C to offer greater control over system resources and memory.

Many address C++ as “C with classes” as it launches object-oriented programming principles involving the use of defined classes in the C programming language framework. C++ has been instrumental in teaching new programmers how object-oriented programming works, and it also supports procedural and functional programming. C++ can produce a broad range of applications, software, graphical user interfaces, browsers, games, and operating systems.

Java, a related programming language, is based on C++ but optimized for distributing program objects in a network such as the Internet. With C++, you can program competitively on any of the following platforms: Linux, Unix, Mac, and Windows. C++ has both generic programming and imperative functions.

Self-study6 – 12 months
Higher education4 years
Coding Tutorial3-6 months

Advantages of Using C++

Listed below are some points why developers should learn C++ and draw benefits from the language.

  •  C++, an object-oriented programming language, includes inheritance, classes, data abstraction, polymorphism, and encapsulation, permitting code reuse and making programs maintainable.
  • Portable language used for multi-platform and multi-device app development.
  • Uses multi-paradigm programming. Paradigm refers to the style of programming and is concerned with the program’s structure, logic, and procedure. C++ follows Imperative, Generic, and Object-Oriented paradigms.
  • Provides control over memory management to the user.
  • Beneficial for the low-level programming language and is very effective for general purposes.
  • This language  can be used in GUI applications, 3D graphics for games, and real-time mathematical simulations.
  • Learning C++ provides good job opportunities as it is used in different industries such as app development, finance, virtual reality, and game development.
  • Big community of users which means that you would get great support in the language. C++ is the 6th most followed and used tag on GitHub and Stack Overflow.
  • Highly scalable and therefore used in building resource-intensive apps.

How hard is C++ to learn?

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