For this assignment, you are going to be creating a more realistic “Game of War”.

Your program should do the follow:

  • Introduce how the game will be played
  • Play 10 rounds .
    • Each round, display the card that player 1 drew, and the card player 2 drew
    • determine who won, or if it was a draw – and display that
    • Wait 2 seconds between rounds
  • At the end of each round, display the final scores, and display “XYZ won!!”


You must make a function called ” determineWinner (winsPlayer1, winsPlayer2)” that will have two parameters:

winsPlayer1, and winsPlayer2. The user will pass as arguments the number of wins respectively that each player has. This function will determine and print the winner.

To do this in python, you’ll need to use some built-in functions – namely, one that creates random numbers, and one that pauses/waits.