Question: Write A Java Program Of A Game Of Tic-Tac-Toe That Represents The Board By Using Of 2D Array. Play The Game 1 Time For 2 Players; Show Who The Winner Is (Player 1, Player 2, Or Draw) Name The Program As TicTac.Java, A Screen Output Will Be Similar To The Following.

Write a java program of a game of Tic-Tac-Toe that represents the board by using of 2D Array.

Play the game 1 time for 2 players;

Show who the winner is (Player 1, Player 2, or Draw)

Name the program as, a screen output will be similar to the following.

Et temp java hu3 java TioTao He have the following 3x3 empty board. Welcome to play TicTacToe game Enter the row index Enter the co i uran index 0 Enter the row index Enter the column index 1 Enter the row index 1 Enter the OO Urin index 1 x 1 o x Enter the row index Ente the co Uunn index: 2 x Enter the row index 2 Enter the column index: 2 X o o We have a winner Cong at St