Do you hear a lot about Java and JavaScript? Or still confused about the similar-sounding technologies.

If you are curious to know – What is the difference between Java and JavaScript?

Then, this article is a perfect fit for all your doubts.

Talking technically, Yes, there is a lot of difference between them.
Both these languages have wide implementations in several domains.

With their advantages and disadvantages both java and JavaScript play a significant role in which we use technology nowadays.

Let’s compare Java VS JavaScript side by side

Here are the major difference between Java and JavaScript.

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language.JavaScript is an Object-Oriented Scripting language.
Java program needs JVM(Java Virtual Machines) to run.JavaScript can be run on any browser. However, JavaScript can now be run outside of a browser using Node JS.
Java program needs to be compiled before execution.JavaScript can be run directly and does not require compilation.
Need data type declaration while declaring variables. Making Java a strongly typed language.No, need for data types for variable declarations. Also known as loosely typed language.
Can’t create a Java program without a Class. Its Classed based.JavaScript program can be done without the need of the Class. It is prototype-based.
Java is mainly used in writing the backend of an application.Likewise, JavaScript is extensively used to write the front-end of the application.

You can see a clear difference between Java and JavaScript.

What is the confusion all about?

Well, JavaScript was designed to keep in mind the client-side(front-end) interaction and was completely different from Java in its initial days.

But, In 2009 an engineer name Ryan Dahl took the open-source JavaScript engine in chrome and embedded it inside a C++ program know as Node Js. (Express JS is a popular framework of Node JS for building back-end or doing server-side programming)

With the help of this, we can now run JavaScript outside of a browser.
This means we can now build and execute an application at the back-end too. Thus, making JavaScript full-stack.

JavaScript has come a long way with the help of community support and its vast framework and libraries which are open source. The most popular being Angular JS, React JS, and Vue JS.

On the other hand, back in old days after C++, Java was designed to support OOPS(object-oriented programming), fully class-based and multidevice support, or platform-independent programming language. Mainly as a successor to C++.

Java is Robust, Secure, Powerful and you can do anything with Java. (Spring boot and Hibernate are the most popular framework of Java to build back-end)

As a result, Java has wide use in banking and finance where security is a major concern.
In addition, as it is platform-independent it is found in every device from your computer, laptops, mobile phone to your smartwatch.

What’s More, you need to know?

As JavaScript evolved with time, it took most of the features from Java. Once, Node was introduced, it changed the game. You can simply learn a single programming language and can build the entire application from the backend to the front end.

Making JavaScipt one of the most preferred programming languages and it is growing faster than ever before.

Whereas, that can be also done using Java but, it is preferred to use JavaScript Angular framework or React library to build the front-end. This is all about programming convenience and time-saving.

Doing things in REST way is very popular and in-demand currently.

Syntax difference between Java and JavaScript

This programming example will give you an insight into the syntax difference between java and javascript.

Addition in Java

public class Addition {
public static void main(String[] args) {
int x = 5;
int y = 4;
System.out.println("sum of "+x+" and "+y+" is "+(x+y));
syntax difference between java and JavaScript program output

Java program output [Needs JVM to be installed]

Addition in JavaScript

x = 5;
y = 4;
console.log("sum of "+x+" and "+y+" is "+(x+y));
JavaScript output

JavaScript output on browser console

Note: To print the output in the case of JavaScript we must link the js file with an HTML file using a script tag.

how to link JavaScript to HTML

Linking the JS file to HTML

Or you can also run the Js file directly if you have Node JS installed.

An HTML file like this will do. Open this file in the browser and go to the browser console. more tools -> developer tools -> console.

One key point to focus on here is that we did not declare a data type while declaring x and y in JavaScript.

In the case of, Java we have declared type int before x and y. That’s because Java is a strongly typed language. The data type is mentioned before the variable declaration. A variable cannot start life without knowing the range of values it can hold. After declaration, the data type of the variable cannot change. This is not true for Java Script.

Which is better Java or JavaScript?

Due to the wide difference in use and implementation of the two languages, it will not be justified which is better than one.

The learn curve of Java is huge, It requires patience and great effort to master Java whereas JavaScript is fairly simple and easy to learn.

Both are the best in their domains. On one hand, Java promises security and JavaScript offers speed.

Moreover, Java offers android development and JavaScript makes web pages responsive.


A new student of programming should acknowledge that both Java and JavaScript are worthwhile languages to add to their coding repertoire.

Many programmers and developers even say that learning these two languages early on, back to back, is a very wise move.

Without a doubt, having Java and JavaScript under one’s belt will make a programmer more employable and will lead to more lucrative job opportunities down the road.

To sum up, Letstacle Team has put an effort to put down the difference between these two competing technologies. We could not resist ourselves to publish this because most of the article on the internet is still not updated. In other words, does not clearly suggest the difference between them.

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