Question: ASCII Table : (In Java) Write A Program That Prints The 128-Character ASCII Table. It Should Print The Table In Eight Tab-Separated Columns. The First Column Contains A & Dec & Heading (For Decimal Number) With The Numbers 0 Through 31 Below It. The Second Column Contains The ASCII Characters Associated With The Numbers 0 Through 31. The Next
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ASCII Table : (in java)

Write a program that prints the 128-character ASCII table. It should print the table in eight tab-separated

columns. The first column contains a Dec heading (for decimal number) with the numbers 0 through 31

below it. The second column contains the ASCII characters associated with the numbers 0 through 31.

The next columns contain the subsequent numbers and associated ASCII characters. See the below

sample output for details. Be aware that that output was produced by a program running in a console

window in a Windows environment. If you run your program in a different environment, the first 32

characters and the last character will probably be different from what’s shown below.

Note that some characters display in a non-standard manner. For example, the number 7 corresponds to a

bell sound. You can’t see a sound, but you can see the vacant spot for 7’s character in the below table.

The number 8 corresponds to the backspace character. You can’t see a backspace, but you can see how

the number 8’s row is shifted left in the below table. That’s due to the backspace character backspacing

over one of the tab characters.


Write A Program That Prints The 128-Character ASCII Table