Hand Gesture Recognition OpenCV | Python


Get fully working Python source code for camera hand gesture recognition.


It includes 5 hand gestures for action like-

  1. Start
  2. Stop
  3. Turn left
  4. Turn right
  5. Back

What is included in the download?

  • Working OpenCV Python source code.
  • Instruction to install the required packages/ libraries.
  • Guide to run the code.
  • A document explaining how the code works.

Read the product description for more details.

Introduction to OpenCV

OpenCV also know as open-source computer vision, is used in computer visioning and model execution for Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI). This library can be used with various programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, etc

Hand Gesture Recognition Usage:

If you are a college/university student and want to implement/use hand recognition using OpenCV to control an RC Car, Drone, Wheel Chair etc then this source code will help you to achieve your task.


Further, this python program contains five hand gestures that you can use to send the feed to additional hardware such as an Arduino or a microcontroller. The five hand gestures include 5 actions that correspond to start, stop, turn left, turn right, move back.



You can re-configure the action/movement name to anything as per the project needs.


What do you need to run the Hand Gesture Recognition OpenCV program?

  • A system with Python installed.
  • Must have a camera for the real-time video feed.

Benefits of buying Opencv hand gesture recognition python source code-

  • Get pre-programmed source code without any errors
  • Fully tested recognition and 5 different hand gesture.
  • Quick hand recognition with accuracy.
  • Reduce your hassle and save your time to code it from scratch.
  • Best suited for non-computer science students, those who belong to the school of electronics, mechanical, or any other discipline.
  • Just focus on programming the Arduino or a microcontroller.
  • Use in your final year capstone project.

Need additional hand gestures, recognition OpenCV? Feel free to reach out to us or drop a text to discuss further.